Monday, February 2, 2009

Word Swap - With Strangers

When I got this word I started thinking about this conversation I had with my friend a few weeks ago. We were talking about how every life is a story. Imagine everyone's life to be this epic movie where they are the main character and the narrator. Their friends are the secondary characters and supporting characters. There are conflicts, twists and even love interests but basically the story is contained within itself. The story, however, can be influence heavily by another set of forces, strangers. Strangers to stories are what make things exciting and different. Imagine famous movies crossing over, the terminator in kids films or the godfather family in a harlequin romance era, things are bound to happen! Strangers come into our lives and can quickly become new characters and new story-lines. Strangers are the true intrigue, surprise, and suspense in our lives.

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