Wednesday, February 4, 2009

assignments and stuff 2/3

Wow to the blog. It is beautiful and inspiring and...creative!!!!!

For those of you who didn't make it to class, can you send me a paragraph describing how you intend to present your subject for the class presentation. And others who need to develop thier ideas a bit more, let me know how I can help. The best way to communicate is through e-mail at

I am also thinking you may each have more than 5 minutes, if you would like it. Give me some idea of the amount of time you feel comfortable with and we can try and make that work. When I came up with the five minutes, it was based on the numbers first enrolled in the class. Now we have more time.

For this Thursday, bring your favorite poem (and we will try to get to as many as possible).

For next Tuesday, read chapter 2 in Art Since 1960.

Pick your word/idea, and just let it rest in the back of your mind. You may focus on the class presentation now.

The class presentation paper (5-10 pages) about your subject (to give us context and background information) is due in class on March 3.

If your word from the swap has not appeared, please let me know.

The schedule up to class presentations is as follows : 2/5 The Word; 2/10 Phillp Bimstein (musician); 2/12 smells and memory; 2/17 Marcella Torres (storyteller); 2/19 Paintings and drawings (hum); 2/24 Anna Bliss (visual artist and colorist); 2/26 Video art (maybe); 3/3 first class presentations.

Puppet images to come....I need to dig them up.

If you want to listen to Janine Benyus talk about her work, check out

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