Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Books, response to Phillip Bimstein

One of my favorite music artists is a group called The Books. Their ideas are similar to Phillip Bimstein's method. It's sometimes called aleatoric music, music left to chance, if you will. They have some really beautiful songs. Their website has all of their music on it, and the site is very interesting/fun to navigate through, give it a shot. I like the albums Lost and Safe (which is the Living Room option), Thought for Food (Dining Room) and The Lemon of Pink (Hallway). The music available via Myspace has a better recording quality, oddly. Less music there, but again, better quality, I feel. Enjoy!


  1. it's great!!! and funny... I'll send the link to Phillip just in case he isn't checking the blog.

  2. ! I'm glad you see the humor! I often laugh out loud when I listen to their music.