Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tandy Talks!

Thanks so much for getting Tandy to come to our class, that was super-cool!

I thought of something when she was talking that I wanted to post up here, a TED talk my friend Casey blogged about a bit ago. If you don't know, TED talks are completely inspiring lectures by completely inspiring people, this one by a charming and self-deferential English Lord named Ken Robinson. It's about how school trains us out of creativity, and how critical it is that we need to maintain our creative ties in the 21st century:


  1. Thank you, Davey....for TED and all your enthusiasm!!! I heard from Tandy that you and Jessica went to the dances last night. I hope you enjoyed them. We are going tonight!!!! Tandy was incredible...and inspiring!!!! How lucky we are.

  2. I wonder how many kids these days diagnosed with ADHD or ADD are simply artists, unable to express themselves in the public education system. It is terrible seeing the option of taking art classes in jr high or high school lessen and lessen. As he said, we are educated out of creativity. We are taught to base our education on what will make us money. Now, so what? What can we do? I really hope we can change the public school system sooner than later. As future teachers, parents, neighbors, we can encourage creativity, but is this a matter for individuals to tackle or is this something we can change at a higher level? I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the idea of such a needed change, but decide to keep doing what I do and helping others do what they do. Create, explore, share, laugh.