Thursday, February 12, 2009

when the rooster crows

i didn't play you any of my folk music in the class, and this may not be the finest song from my "zion canyon song cycle," but it's the only one we have a video of so far (we'll have about 10 of them when our TV special airs on KUED in late may).

it's a song performed by my group, red rock rondo, which does a song cycle based on oral histories i gathered in springdale and zion national park. even though it's folk, it bears some relationship to my alt-classical work (which i played for you) in that it's based on real stories spoken by real people.

normally the songs are sung by myself or others in the group, but this particular one puts the subject's voice into the song, in the same manner as "garland hirschi's cows." his name is leon lewis, and he was the principal of springdale elementary school for 31 years before he retired to his ranch in rockville.

hope you enjoy it!

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