Friday, February 6, 2009

cow sounds and pitcher's mounds

hi again, i'm really looking forward to meeting you all next week! i'll play a little bit of my music in the next tuesday's class, but if you'd like to check it out before or afterhand, i have several myspace pages.

my alternative classical work, where you can hear cow sounds & pitcher's mounds, casinos, frogs, coyotes, a squeaky door, and teenagers in a lockdown facility:

more of the imprisoned teens in the full techno-classical tone poem:

my string quartet based on terry tempest williams' "refuge":

scrambled eggs, pepper, sliced toast, gurgling dishwater, singing cats:

my folk song cycle based on stories from zion national park:

an npr "all things considered" story about my zion-based music:

my 80s chicago punk band:

and general info about my music and politics:

see you tuesday!


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