Wednesday, April 29, 2009

individual meetings

Just plan on coming to the honors building conference room -- unless you hear otherwise from me.

Amazing -- spadubious event. BRAVO!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Work Team.

We did it. 

And I think it was successful. 

Spadubious Clouds?


Monday, April 27, 2009


Some information for you after a visit to the new media wing this morning. sorry i didn't get this posted earlier today...there are details you will need to know for tomorrow. also i got strawberries, brownies, water and some veggies. I'll also try to remember my video you don't have to. a good day ahead....and my notes about tomorrow.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I think we will need a truck to get the bars from my basement to the New Media wing on Tuesday. Does anyone have a truck?

Assignment list and grading criteria

Creating, grading and cupcakes.....

So looking forward to Tuesday!!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Found objects and final project.

I've always compulsively held onto scraps of paper over the years. Posters, flyers, bits of trash, notes from friends, drawings, they're all in the back of a filing cabinet. Once in a while I make a collage out of them.

This one has a newspaper from 1942 that was under the floor in the 337 building, as well as a ripped-up copy of J.D. Salinger's 9 Stories I found once. It's one of my favorite books.

My senior year of high school I had posters floor to ceiling in my room. I took them all down and made cd-sized squares out of all the images, the images that informed my life.

I've kept the poster with me ever since through 4 years of college, It's time to let it go.

See you on tuesday.

Individual Review Schedules

Okay I've looked at my schedule and this is what I've found.
I'm available:

28 Tuesday 9-noon
30 Thursday 11-noon and again from 1-3:30 (Anna will come from 2-2:20)
1 Friday 9-11:30, 2-4
4 Monday 9-3
5 Tuesday 9-3
6 Wednesday 9-3
7 Thursday 9-3

I would like to meet with each of you for 20 minutes. You can start working out the times on the blog. Please try to cluster them as much as possible. And sorry Kelly and Mercedes that the times we worked out yesterday don't work for me. Tomorrow, I will post a list of the assignments which we will review, and a grading system.

I'm super excited about the FINALE!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Spadubious Event - April 29, 2009

Hey all,

Here are two versions of the invitation, I only sent my favorite one with the email to Anne, so if you would prefer the other one, right click and save the image you like from the blog and attach it to your forwarded email invite.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sound arts

This is really interesting and complex sound experimentation.

And Jessica what is the name of the radio site where you found the podcast you shared with us today?

Monday, April 20, 2009


This is number 6 on the art observed/created. My room was a mess and i had a ton of dasani water bottles, so like a child i tried to stack them as high as i could. they are easier to stack with only a tiny bit of water in them.


So, there is this boy on campus who just has amazing fashion sense and is really cute. He will sometimes visit me in his dreams. Since I love his style so much, I figured if I saw him in a dream again, I would give him this certificate.

Accidental Art

I know rainbows aren't accidental BUT they are tight, and I believe it is "existing art."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Adventures and Woes of the Little Prince's Flower (post it story)

She watched the Little Prince depart and let out a heavy sigh. Perhaps she had demanded too much of him. But afterall, she didn't have legs--how could she have fetched her own glass? A few days after the Prince left, a passing star pointed out to her that there were three small baobabs growing on the other side of the planet. She thanked the star and he tipped his hat to her and continued on. The next day, a small meteor struck the planet so near to the flower that it grazed some of her petals and knocked one of her thorns off. "I'm terribly sorry," said the meteor as it bounced back into space. The flower tried to examine the damage but could not bend enough to see. The next day the damaged petals fell off and drifted to the ground. The flower began to weep. When she opened her eyes she saw a young star peeking at her from behind the extinct volcano. "You are lonely," he said. She nodded. "Then I shall stay with you, and pick your baobabs until whoever it is you are missing returns." And because of his good deed, the little star became a sun and watched over the flower until the day the Little Prince returned home.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

class Tuesday

I'm sort of into quotes right now, and I liked this one from Joseph Campbell, "Jump." Needless to say it also reminded me of our in house Yves Klein.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Sometimes it seems like this century, through no fault of its own, is going to try and squash you down in the tension between the enormity of the world and the fragility of its human structures.




Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thinking and watching

Random thoughts for this week:

1- If there are two drunk people in the living room, four in the kitchen, and eight in the basement, how many bottles and cans with I be cleaning up in the morning?
2- I think my eyelashes are falling out at an exponential rate.
3- There's no such thing as happily ever after.
4-I hate the phrase "Enduring to the end." Makes me feel like life always needs to be a struggle.
5- What's the use of bugs that bite, anyway?

I was sitting in the computer lab trying to observe people so I had something interesting and witty to write, but instead I ended up person watching. Of all the interesting characters to choose from, it was the hunched little old man in the gray cap and thin sweater that caught my eye. What's he doing here? I thought. He stood in the middle of the room looking slightly lost for a minute or two while more spry students whizzed around him. He finally selected a computer that was worthy, sat down, and suddenly realized his seat was wrong. He stood up, walked around to the back of the chair with a scrutinizing eye, put on his eyeglasses, and continued to stair at the underworkings of the chair that no doubt millions of dollars went in to designing, manufacturing, and exporting a hundred chairs just like it to our campus. After a few more minutes of the old man eying and prodding and turning the chair he finally sat down again. With his eyeglasses precariously balanced on his nose, head tilted back, and pursed lips, he pulled the computer screen closer to the edge of the table, almost pushing the keyboard into his lap. He then began typing, slowly, each key carefully pressed by an index finger. He continued to type for the two hours I was editing photos, the half hour I was checking email, the ten minutes it took me to run downstairs and get a coffee, and another fifteen while I was reading the class blog. I have no idea what he was writing. I imagine that he was sending a letter to an old friend, possibly his best mate on the lacrosse team he was the captain of in high school. Or his newest grandson, with advice on how to tie a fly to a line and the best way to cast for the very biggest trout, to be opened promptly on his eleventh birthday. Or perhaps he was writing to his love, a rhetorical message of tenderness and affection, never to be returned or read by anyone in particular, unless the technologies of this library manage to loose his words and they get tossed out into the stars for all the little princes to enjoy.

Framing; human symphony; Ricky Fitts

Sometimes I frame several people at once, and the lines of their experience and movement seem like melodic lines, which, when seen together, can form a beautiful polyphony.

I was sitting in a bookstore coffee shop when two women in their forties walked in and sat next to me. One was disabled, moved very slowly, and never spoke. The other, probably her sister, was restless and busy caring for her, handed her a book, which she slowly inspected, then replaced it with a magazine, rose and went off to look for something. He sister remained, silent, slowly looking over the pictures in the magazine.

Two women in their early thirties sat several tables away, and one talked continuously in a strong, level voice, which she occasionally punctuated with crescendoes expressing her surprize and puzzlement. No dramatic or violent emotions, just her stunned response to bewildering episodes.

Six pre-teens came in, moving in sporadic swirls. Four went to the counter as a boy and girl split off and sat at a table in front of me, laughing, distracted and light, and moving in ways that will soon beome flirtations.

And framing them all together I think, "Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in." (Ricky Fitts to Jane Burnham, watching his film of the plastic bag dancing in the wind. American Beauty; 1999.)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Child in a box.

After our discussion in class today I thought I would post this photo of my son Joseph in a box. He was about 1 year old when this was taken. Hope you enjoy it!

Little Prince Post-It story

Stick-it Prince

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Kiss smells like...

A bad kiss smells like old, stale chinese food. it smells the way mexican food sits in your mouth after a few hours when you ate it. 
wet dog. 
or old food crumbs on the corners of your mouth. 

a good one smells like chapstick. 
minty or fruity lipgloss and gum. 
cool fresh air after a day inside.
unexpected rain. 
it smells like good DNA.

5 Random Thoughts

1- I wish I would burn calories for deep thinking.
2- I am so pissed with Mother Nature.
3- He has good style, I wonder if he is single...
4- I know this meat looks old, but if it tastes okay then I'm sure I won't mind.
5- grrr, art is not only defined in terms of talent

Friday, April 10, 2009

video art links

At long last....

How do I make my Post-It stories look like Post-It notes?


I seem to remember you posted a post it story on the blog and the way you did it made it look like a real post it note. Would you mind helping me, or anyone for that matter, learn how to post my stories like that? Thanks for any advise.


5 random thoughts

1. If time travel is even possible, then there would be time tourists and there aren't any of those around so....
2. Chocolate covered grapes are way more delicious than you would imagine.
3. Goggle tans are only sexy to people from park city.
4. Tattoos are my weakness.
5. Hot Sauce + Sour Cream = A serious taco

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Missed Out

Dear Class,

I must say, I have had very few classes that I actually regret missing for reasons other than falling behind. I was out of town this whole week, but thought about our class a great deal of the time. I spent the week taking pictures of naturally occuring faces, picking up random objects for my found-art piece, and writing lots in my journal, not to mention contemplating my word project almost obsessively. I read The Little Prince, and will probably read it again on my way home. I feel like I missed out a lot this week, but the lessons in creativity certainly have infused my trip with a plethora of interesting experiences. So thanks :) see you all Tuesday.

beautiful decay

more at

a beautiful tribute to Plath

Check out the site,, for more of this...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

nothing is boring.

My 5 favorite thoughts that occurred over the last few days:

1. In certain lights, Kiefer Sutherland looks a lot like Brain of "Pink & the" fame.
2. I just used the word "kinfolk" in everyday conversation. And present parties found nothing amiss.
3. With chunky peanut butter, do they just not process it as much? Or is it just creamy peanut butter with extra peanut bits added in?
4. Bed too warm. World too cruel. Not getting up.
5. I am probably the only person who watches an award-winning bird documentary with a sickening sense of dread.

Clarification, perhaps

Both Jeremiah and Maggie asked me to explain the interview assignment so...
listen closely

Visual Thesaurus as one BIG image file!!!

Hey all,

I managed to get my visual thesaurus to export to a .jpg file. It is nearly impossible to read unless you zoom in, but you will be able to see exactly what the structure is and how it looks as a whole. I was unable to upload it to the blog, so I am hosting it on my personal webpage. You are welcome to save the file or just use your web browser to view it. You should have no trouble zooming in to look at items close up and read them with any image viewer, or just click on the image with the magnifying glass in your web browser to get a closer view. Let me know if there are any difficulties.


Visual Thesaurus

Some Word Excersises: Music

The necessity to make the inspiration of the privileged world communicate to the real world.

Quite a mouthful for a word, but I hesitate to trim it down as I described earlier. Rather I'm fairly certain it will be through trying to articulate this bugger that I will eventually create my presentation. "The idea becomes a machine that makes the art." Or so Sol Lewitt said, and he's pretty smart, so here we go.

1. My first attempt to convey what I'm getting at coincides with a musician called Kutiman who I wrote quite a bit about. His videos basically take many many different samples and create a unified musical piece based off a collective effort.

I love this stuff, as you can probably tell from my personal blog post. I wanted to try to re-create it, but have yet to find a good way to snatch the Youtube clips off the internet to import into video editing software. Any ideas?

In the meantime:
The necessity to make the inspiration of the privileged world communicate to the real world.

Open them all at once and you might get an idea of what I'm after. Be sure to watch the dancing one and the Charlie Chapman clip, they're the best.

Sunday, April 5, 2009



Thursday, April 2, 2009

Drawing with Steel

This guys art is crazy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jeremiah's Visual Thesaurus is coming soon!

Hey all,

Thanks you for your understanding and patience with my visual thesaurus, I am planning to show it in class tomorrow in class. I have a few more things to do before I can post it on the web, but I plan to do so when I figure out how to make it a stand alone application. I hope it does not disappoint and is as fun to view as it was to make.