Thursday, February 5, 2009

spadubious is splendiferous!

hello from your next class visitor - i look forward to meeting you on tuesday.

your blog is great - spadubious is splendiferous!

both jessica's "as is" poem and benz' "beautiful silence" are not only apropos to my visit but instructive to me: lessons i need to keep learning and relearning. the joshua bell story and comments are very relevant too.

meanwhile (and unrelated to my visit, except perhaps that i am somewhat of a mixologist sound-collagist) i thought some of you might be interested in this story i just read in yesterday's nytimes, about a stealth grafitti/collage artist planting visual "mind bombs" in the new york subway, challenging corporate hegemony of public and psychological space through remixed ads and billboards, as a kind of anonymous social movement ("poster boy could be anybody") ...

phillip b.

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