Friday, February 13, 2009


Upon first listening to some of Philip Bimstein's work, I was reminded of a remix my friend showed me of Christian Bale's recent freakout. Yes, that's right. "Do you want me to ****ing trash your lights?!" got a dance remix. And it's awesome. Obviously it's not the same type of material, and whether it counts as art is open for debate. But I thought I'd share since I've never been more tempted to dance to a vulgar outburst. ;)

There are two versions you can listen to. One is an edited, radio-friendly version if that's more your style.

Revolucian's Bale-Out remix

EDIT: So this is probably the most offensive thing to be published on this blog. We're talking monster use of the f-word here, so if you have any sort of problem with the word whatsoever, don't bother with the un-edited version. Kthanx.


  1. it's very funny...and I guess you don't have a problem with the that word that Jan likes.

  2. Haha. Uh, no, not exactly. But at least there's an edited version too?

  3. haha. That blew my mind. Even better in my opinion, and an excellent example of the remix power of the internet, is Christian Bale takes David to the Dentist. Hilarious.