Monday, February 9, 2009

Fav. Poem

Here is poem I really enjoy and would have shared in class. It is a three part poem about the desert and perspective.


(The Scientist)

The desert demands inquiry.
In highly intense solar refraction,
the tonal quality is revealed
in the incarnadine pigmentation
presently exposed in the eroded vellum
of a solid precambrium eruption.
This juxtaposed against a deep spectrum
of light surrounding the closed ecosystem.

The superincumbent material consists of
a stratum of calcareous compositon
with intense placation and abundant
arenaceous deposit...

(The Poet)

The desert has a sharpness, a clarity of from
And purpose- unfathomable abilities.
It possesses the greatest integrity.
The mounatains are teeth. The incisors
Can clip you from your best pretended roots.
The molars roll you over in their uneven
Surface and crush the poisonous juice from
Your recalcitrant bones. It can swallow
You up- not bit by bit, tearing arms and
Legs- but whole, your feet first,
Right from where you stand,
Uprooted and so far distant...

(The Rest of Us)

The desert is red and white and
deep purple beneath the changing
blue of the sky.
It is hot under the sun
and cold beneath the moon.
It is gritty and clean and cooler
the deeper you dig.

It is, of course, the sand.

And if you are lucky,
you might stand square in the middle of it.
'Cause what it really is-

is real nice to look at.

-Brad L. Roghaar

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