Thursday, January 29, 2009

Word Swap: House Elves

House elves are perhaps the most desired entities of the present decade.  However house elves are only currently available to those possessing the gifts of wizardry.  In fact, house elves are also in high demand within the wizarding community and are most often in service to households belonging to very rich or old wizarding families.  Given the current times and circumstances this rather universal unavailability of house elves is likely for the best.  Due to a troublesome economy there are growing unemployment numbers for maids, cooks, and butlers- and their respective unions are increasingly hostile to any form of competition.  Hopefully house elves will continue to stick to their highly selective market and relative peace will be kept within house keeping circles.


  1. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE it! I am soooo glad you got my word. We should discuss the magical world more often! lol, goood work!