Tuesday, January 27, 2009

assignments 1/27

Idea/word trade.  With someone else's idea/word in hand, please write a minimum of two sentences about it.  This exercise is to help see how someone else translates your idea..and to realize that we can learn to think more broadly by listening to others.  The sentences should be posted on the blog asap.  

Idea/word development.  Choose one of your idea/words and write a small (or long if you prefer) poem about it.  You may want to incorporate your thinking from the combination exercise where you combined the two least likely words together, or the thoughts of someone else about the word that have been posted on the blog.  This is due next Tuesday.  You can always post your poem on the blog.

Presentation.  Write one paragraph describing how you are thinking of presenting your person/book to the class.  We will think about these presentations together.  This is due next Tuesday.

Photograph a dream.  The most fun and due next Tuesday as well.  And again, you can always post the photos.  But you should also bring a photo to class.  No instruction here.  You are on your own with your imaginations....

Keep up with the journals.  And while doing it, try to give yourself no assignment but to free flow write.

I think we may want to share some of our ideas on the readings -- the paragraphs you are writing.  And if you don't have the Art Since 1960 book, please let me know.  And in the meantime, I will check libraries.  

Jeremiah - have you checked the library for your book.  
Davey -- I also have a book on Stanley Douglas.  Let me know if you would like me to bring it to class.  And let's talk more about your video.  Pick a time.
Jessica -- I use different types of wire but mostly I use a grid hanging wire, 18 gauge.  I buy 300 foot rolls at home depot.  I will put another photo on the blog of one of my  wire pieces.  

Send any questions.  And have fun!!!!  And from Stephen I think of -- no silos, and of those sacrificial branches, closing leaves and connected roots.  

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