Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I love your Post-It stories! I'd love to read about your "framings". Here's a recent one of mine:

Saturday afternoon I was sitting in the coffee shop of Borders as a fifty-something fellow at a table behind me was holding forth (apparently without benefit of inhaling) to an unfortunate adolescent boy from whom he clearly expected, and occasionally received, gasps of awe. Suddenly a five-something boy broke away from his mother as they were leaving and exploded in a tantrum that he attempted to distribute throughout the store, running and screaming his demands. He stopped in front of a copy of "The Advocate" and yelled, "Jelly beans! I want jelly beans!" The man behind me said, "It got dropped down to a misdemeanor." The boy, failing to lure his mother's pursuit, took off with a rhetorical leap, "All I want is jelly beans!" The man added, "And I wasn't even that drunk."


  1. Is that really ALL he wants?!?

    That's a great one. I love the inclusion of 'The Advocate'

  2. from next week's visitor:

    loved jessica's "as is" poem and benz' "beautiful silence" - both of them are not only apropos to my upcoming (2/10) visit but instructive to me: lessons i need to keep learning and relearning. the joshua bell story and comments are relevant and great too.