Friday, January 23, 2009

Sidewalk Cinema and Julie Taymor

Hi Anne & Everyone,
I made this short film over the break. Anne is part of the selection crew for the Sidewalk Cinema and I wanted to show it to her. I think it's pretty relevant to our discussion on Julie Taymor as well. You'll notice it has a similar feel to a snowboarding video or something, sans tricks. I'm trying to cultivate an aesthetic that wows and inspires, but isn't quite as dazzling as say, 'Moulin Rouge' or 'Chicago'. I really respect Taymor's stuff because of how personalized but spectacular it is.
Film #1: Bike Winter

This one is more conceptual, more of a video art piece then say, a music video. It might work better in the context of the sidewalk cinema, but I like the former more as a portrait of Salt Lake:
Film#2: Messiaistic Figure Pt. 2

I didn't embed the videos because they're in bigger resolution on Vimeo. Let me know what you think, I might try to incorporate the former one into my presentation this semester.

I can get either one to you as a DVD if you'd like, Anne.


  1. Davey -- yes I am curating for sidewalk cinema, and i am looking for video artists from utah. yesterday I talked to ali and I'm guessing that's how you heard about it. Wow you make art video. fantastic. I want to talk to you about these...maybe we can figure out a time to get together after class. and spread the word. i got a grant from the utah humanities council to do this for the sl film center and it will include critic from jeff lamson and campbell gray both from byu (and I think the two most knowledgable people in the state when it comes to contemporary art), and an event at the SL Art Center. Pass it on...

  2. Great videos. My favorite clip was in Bike Winter when the 2 different bikers stall forever while the cars go by in fast motion. Really cool. And I liked seeing the 2 faces, one boy one girl, who smile. Those were great moments too.