Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here's the Test!

Hey Guys, welcome to blog land! Explore around the options to learn how to post, it's pretty straightforward. Let me know if you have any questions. Blogger's help section is really good at getting you started too. Try creating a post, and commenting on another post! try the 'edit html' option if you're into coding, or the 'compose' option if you'd like to simply change colors, and include links.

We can add images, either by uploading them (click the little picture icon above the text when you're writing a new message) or by linking to them:

Prescott superman
For this one I used flickr's embed option.

We can add movies:

Most youtube and vimeo videos have an 'embed' option, simply copy and paste it.

We can link to other articles by clicking the little green world with a chainlink button and pasting in a url. Here's a link to something I wrote yesterday.

Try previewing your stuff before you post to make sure it's ok.

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  1. Davey -- okay I'm here I think but how do I post things???? and add the class. Can you help with this or tell me where to go to learn... thanks.