Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bean, paperclip, etc

From the throwing-a-bean-or-other-something-into-a-field-of-bland assignment, here are a few photos


  1. I love the low angle grass shot...beautiful. especially the way that blade on the right wants some attention...


  2. ah man! Anne beat me to it, the grass shot is killer... but it brings up an interesting idea, what's beautiful to you, the actual thing, or how your technology (a shallow-depth-of-field lens)frames it?

  3. The grass looks like it has been muffled by snow for months and is Finally getting the strength to stand up again. Interesting Davey, I actually thought about that. First I just loved the ability to capture the moment with only the middleground in focus, but I quickly saw the struggling grass as beautiful. So Both. (copout?)