Friday, May 8, 2009


I wanted to give everyone in a class a huge thank you!!! Everyone had inspirational ideas and projects. I especially want to thank Jeremiah. Because of Jeremiah's work I have decided to do Computer Science for my major. :) I had already been looking at computer science as well as art and other majors. I really liked how Jeremiah showed the process of making his thesaurus and I think it is something I would enjoy. I have looked more thoroughly into Computer Science and I am going for it.

Thanks to all of you again and I hope to see you at the cupcake party!

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  1. I am glad my efforts were of some worth to some of you. I really enjoyed the ability to use my Computer Science and incorporate it into other less obvious areas of my life. I love the ability to "Just make" somthing or a program that I need, not to have to wait for someone else or look for an existing product. The ability to create is one of the key values I have in Computer Science. I know this class has aided in my thinking and process for future growth. Thank you all for your patience and support.