Thursday, May 14, 2009

I promised i would so here it is...

I promised Anne that I would post this thing I do in my journal on the blog. If you have seen the sixth sense, there is that part when he comes home from school and his mum asks him what he did that day and he makes up this amazing perfect day and she said she won the lottery blah blah blah. well basically sometimes i write how i wish my day would have gone.
So one of my entries went like this...
How I wish my day would have gone: I walk into Muller's class and she returns my fourth abstract to me. She rants and raves about how it is the perfect abstract. It was so good that no matter how bad my final essay is, I will still receive an A in her class.

Thats just part of it. If anyone knows Muller, you know that this is the most outlandish dream EVER. haha

hope everyone's having a fun summer!

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