Monday, April 27, 2009


Some information for you after a visit to the new media wing this morning. sorry i didn't get this posted earlier today...there are details you will need to know for tomorrow. also i got strawberries, brownies, water and some veggies. I'll also try to remember my video you don't have to. a good day ahead....and my notes about tomorrow.


  1. I can bring my computer if Calley needs it for additional speakers or what not. Having the blog up would be fun, either projected or just on a computer somewhere. I think trying to give visitors an idea of my project in words would tell them the word. So for me it would have to be either they get no information and they try to guess the word, or I write up a brief something or other.

  2. I like the idea of the guests trying to figure out the word, I am going to do some things that will help that option. I also think having the blog up will be good.