Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Adventures and Woes of the Little Prince's Flower (post it story)

She watched the Little Prince depart and let out a heavy sigh. Perhaps she had demanded too much of him. But afterall, she didn't have legs--how could she have fetched her own glass? A few days after the Prince left, a passing star pointed out to her that there were three small baobabs growing on the other side of the planet. She thanked the star and he tipped his hat to her and continued on. The next day, a small meteor struck the planet so near to the flower that it grazed some of her petals and knocked one of her thorns off. "I'm terribly sorry," said the meteor as it bounced back into space. The flower tried to examine the damage but could not bend enough to see. The next day the damaged petals fell off and drifted to the ground. The flower began to weep. When she opened her eyes she saw a young star peeking at her from behind the extinct volcano. "You are lonely," he said. She nodded. "Then I shall stay with you, and pick your baobabs until whoever it is you are missing returns." And because of his good deed, the little star became a sun and watched over the flower until the day the Little Prince returned home.

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  1. Phew! I got nervous and thought the flower was going to be dead when the little prince returned!