Thursday, March 5, 2009


First of all Kudos to all of you who have presented so far!!! You have all shown your "honorable" talents, your keen and awakened creative powers, your remarkable intelligence and great ability for fun! I look forward to the rest of the presentations....which gets me rapidly to the next point. Timing isn't everything. It is so exciting to see everyone so interested and engaged in conversation around the different presentations. I hate to dampen this enthusiasm and curiosity in any way...but now we must keep to a schedule so that no one need worry about their presentation when spring break arrives (soon!). I promise I will take notes so that we can talk about each presentation -- without any time pressures -- when we return. For now, I ask that each of you who have not yet presented give me a realistic estimate of your presentation time.

I want to especially apologize to Mercedes for not getting to her presentation today.
Mercedes -- Do you want to present in the auditorium or would you rather present in the classroom? It is up to you. Anna is fine presenting either place.

On Tuesday the presentation order will be: Anisa, Hannah, Jessica and AJ'. And either Anna or Mercedes will also present. That is up to you Mercedes.
I will try to get a technician to help us on Tuesday but if you are presenting that day, you should check out the equipment or be prepared with presentation alternatives.

On Thursday, either Anna or Mercedes will present first followed by Heidi, Maggie and Jeffrey.

Thanks for staying longer today to all (and especially to Jeffrey). You are all terrific.

I forgot to give you an article I have on Robin Rhodes. Remind me on Tuesday. And same for you Doug -- I brought a book for you. Jeffery -- If I can help with the puppets, please let me know. I love making them -- partially because they are difficult.

Heidi's paper is here. (Thanks to Jeremiah's assistance.) Hannah -- my e-mail is


  1. I would rather the classroom but either works for me too. I just need a projector for a powerpoint. :) Thanks Anne.

  2. is that you Mercedes? I can't find your e=mail and I don't know if Benz is you... Yikes!!!

  3. I should go last on Tuesday because it really doesn't matter if I'm in the auditorium or not. I would maybe even prefer the classroom, more intimate, but I don't care either way. I would probably plan a 10 to 15 minute chunk for me, but I can always conform to whatever time we have.

  4. So, any news from Mercedes? Should I just plan on presenting on Tuesday in the auditorium?

  5. Sorry, I wasn't able to get on the comp. for a bit. Yes Benz is Mercedes, I am Mercedes.

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  7. Mercedes! Ah ha! So, are you going to want to present last on Tuesday or first on Thursday? Let me know so I can plan on the other.